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Apologize for the late BB.

We ran, focusing on coming back for the 6 and listening for the next set of instructions.

The shape we drew on Strava was the Infinity symbol. More on that in a minute

We ended on the 10s courts with fartleks and true cadence Merkins.

YHC shared with the PAX about Papa’s recent birthday and how it made YHC think deeper about LEGACY.

One of the lessons that Papa taught us as he battled ALS is one of the hardest lessons that any High Impact Man can learn.

We must be intentional about RECEIVING help and encouragement when we end up needing it. (Which is EVERYDAY)

This takes a humble heart. An ability to be vulnerable. A willingness to say that we can not do it on our own.

If we don’t openly receive someone elses help and encouragement, we may be robbing that person from a blessing!

This is such a key aspect to leadership, and one that Papa met head on. Teaching us, even when he was unable to verbalize it…

-When we are down… When we get knocked off our feet… When we find ourselves in a battle…

How do we react???

Do we try to hide our weaknesses and shortcomings, or sweep them under the rug, pretending that all is well..???

Or do we accept them and look for opportunities to learn from others and allow them to pour into us???

If we choose the latter, we choose the path to LEGACY.

Legacy that will last to infinity and beyond!

Much love, boys!

Choose the latter! and Choose the Ladder!

String Bean Out!


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