In 2016, YHC was determined to rock my first Spartan Sprint. Physically the ENC team was prepared. Mentally, we watched the videos, practice the rope climb. We were ready. Then YHC had a Q at RunStrong when it was more “centric” in the Run Centric format. At the very end of a tough workout, my bottom dropped out. YHC didn’t realize that sometime during the night the tube in my insulin pump came out. For the first, and so far, only time in my life YHC ended up in the hospital for diabetes. The Dr. gave an OK to resume normal activities Friday, so Saturday, YHC completed my first Spartan Sprint with no burpee penalties. This Saturday, it’s time to try the Spartan Super with my college roommates. 19 studs showed up for this wicked workout; 5 participated in EC ruck or run. Wonder how many wish they stayed at home…none, because they are all studs.

Warm-up: This is RunStrong. The best warm-up is a mosey to the the College Hill lot. The pax joined in a series of dynamic stretches across the lot one way, including, high knees, toy soldiers, scoops, and butt kickers. On the way back across it was a series of Suicides at 60-80% pace. String Bean began a Tonk-q during the Scoops, referencing that’s not how Stretch showed us.  It doesn’t matter, when in charge take charge and we scooped like our dog pooped in the neighbors yard.

The Thang: College Hill is right there, so the pax took a stroll up the Hill at an 85% pace, then moseyed down with a partner. Mosey back for the 6. Then they moseyed up the hill backwards and moseyed down with a different partner. Run back up for the 6.

Then we moseyed to the Science building steps, divided the pax in 1/2. Each group has to go up one set of steps and then up the other. This is a race to see which group can finish as a group the fastest.

Then we moseyed to the back of the Science building and moseyed up and down the steps several times. It seemed like a good idea sitting on my couch last night. Not sure everyone agreed.

It was time to mosey back towards Elm St Park because there is a hill there as well. The thoroughbreds moseyed up College Hill. The others of us took the path back. We took a mosey up to the top one time of the Elm St hill and then proceeded to see which pair could do the most reps up and down the hill. Time allowed for only a couple rounds.

BOM/COT: Prayers for the Nichols Family; Prayer the South Carolina student who was murdered; Conch Fritter’s mother battling cancer.

Announcements: String Bean purchased a cool Sasquatch sign for our annual CSAUP event and issued a challenge for guys to sign up for an event, including the Sasquatch. Pay attention to the Twitterverse to figure out where lunch will be on Tuesday and Fridays.

Moleskin: So part of this workout was purposely stupid. Just because in order to appreciate life, sometimes you have to push yourself further than you could ever go by yourself. Sometimes, the only way to do that is with your brothers. The men you count on in the gloom. The men you count on to hold you accountable.

I count on you guys. I count on young guys like 10 Nails to push me to run fast. I count on P-Doc to remind me what a stud looks like. I count on String Bean to inspire me. I count on Conch Fritter to be there locking shields with me. I count on Noonan and Bambino to ruck in the morning when I don’t feel like it. I count on Tonka for long rucks where all of life’s challenges are pondered. I count on Wimpie to show up unexpectedly and give me a big man hug. I count on T-Bone to keep me connected with those who need help in the community. I count on Aquaman to make me laugh and Cousin It to keep me straight. I count on Ma Bell, Jock Itch, See Thru, and Pied Piper to embrace the Heavy suck. I count on all you new guys to keep me engaged, to learn how you got your nickname, like how Crankshaft got his name when OBT came down for the Papa Smurf convergence. I count on talking about love, fatherhood, failures, and pressing on. I love my F3 Brothers. Even those of you who aggravate the crap out of me.

Today was a fun day to remember that when death is embraced, it makes you remember to live. To live strong and free in this great country. Death is not something to desire, it is also not something to be afraid of. The trick is to “know your life matters to many. So do good work, laugh every day, & press on!!” Papa Smurf

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