75 Side straddle Hops – In Cadence (So, 150?)

The Thang

Modified Ladder:     20 Kettlebell Curls    60yrd Run      20 Merkins

19 Kettlebell Curls    60yrd Run      19 Merkins

Continue to 1, for a total of 210 Kettlebell Curls & 210 Merkins

Another Thang

10 tricep extensions    60yrd Run       5 Burpees

10 tricep extensions    60yrd Run       4 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat to 1 Burpee

If you run there, one obviously has to get back.  So, the 60yrd Run is “there and back,” for the grand total of approximately a mile.  Pax worked hard and there was little to no “mumblechatter”

Circle up for 100 LBCs and 5 more Burpees


Shoutout to Dirtbag, who had done this before, who never complains, and who is now the unofficial Silent Assassin of L DUB.   I mean, Double Respect even, and none of us can keep up with him or Wolverine.






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