Cold-Cut, Patch, Chimi, and Mermaid EC rucked for 2+ miles.

Solid numbers for a soggy gloom. 10 Pax challenged each other to get better, wetter, stronger, and faster. 5:29 we circled up.

Warm Up

  • Flutter (Mudder) Kicks IC x 15
  • Hand Release Merk’s IC x 15
  • SSH IC x 15


Mosey over to the meadows. Pax lined up and two teams were created. Instructions followed. Each exercise was a race and all team members had to finish to get the W. The losing team had 10 burpees and winners got to mosey back and Al Gore for the 6.

  • Lunges
  • Run backwards
  • Alligator Merkin’s (2nd light pole) then run
  • We paused for a Merkin Challenge (Team 1 chose a Pax from Team 2 to challenge for the most Merkins in 30 seconds (YHC did 37 and Chimi busted out 40…nice work brother). Cold Cut got 53 (i believe) and therefore got to lead the next exercise. I do not know the name of the exercise we did on the right side only…We lined up for the next race.
  • Sprints

Mosey over to the flagpoles to grab some bench.

  • Dips IC x 15
  • Erkins IC x 15
  • Raccoon Crawled, lunged and racoon crawled back to starting point.
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Patch led the next exercise (note: no PAX could keep up with his 6 count pace…stand to be corrected)
  • Chimichanga led the next exercise – Jack Webb up to 5 Merk’s and 20 Hallelujahs

Only 6:00 when YHC check the time. That said, YHC was beat, thirsty, and breathing heavy. We circled up for Mary and some more soggy bottoms.

Each Pax led Mary of their choice and 4-5 PAX got a second time around.

Don’t fartsack…when we do, we loose momentum. We lose our edge and slowly become dull again. Come out, post, or even Q…get involved with a CSAUP that will challenge you to set goals. CSAUP events and the training together have to be some of the best times spent with other #HIMs.

Prayer Requests

  • Students/Teachers/Staff/Parents for smooth transitions back into school schedules/routines.
  • Mermaid’s friends mom going to Duke (MS symptoms)
  • Patch’s Aunt Liver numbers not great
  • Injured PAX
  • Easy Rider got married Tuesday (Praise), and Pray for his ex-wife to be at peace and find happiness.


Pub Ruck tomorrow 1/4/2019 at 6:00 pm


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