This was YHC’s first official week as the site Q for The Clydesdales after BJ passed the torch during a Thanksgiving beat down. So of course I took the opportunity to Q today’s workout. YHC knew it was going to be a cold one (25 degrees at 0500), but I knew at least Cold-Cut (RESPECT) would be there since I asked him to bring his tire as a part of today’s beat down. YHC rolled up at 0515, and only Cold-Cut was there, getting nice and warm inside his truck. The Shovel Flag was planted at 0518, and then Easy Rider pulled up. As 0530 approached, Cold Cut wanted to take wagers that it would just be the three amigos today. I knew with the cold temps, and the Three Headed Hound going on at The Good Fight, chances were it would just be us three. Then Hightide rolls up with an FNG right at 0529. Disclaimer was given (I made a joke in the disclaimer by saying “I am a professional, just certainly not at doing this”, but it didn’t seem to land and there was no laughter…), and we were off.

Warm Up

  • SSH – 15 – IC
  • Good Mornings – 15 – IC
  • Arm Circles Front – 15 – IC
  • Arm Circles Back – 15 – IC

The Thang

We moseyed over to Minges Meadow, stopping at Cold-Cut’s truck to grab his tire. YHC knew it was cold because the tire actually had ice on it…

We started off with Tire Flips. Each PAX member would take turns flipping the tire from the side walk to the 2nd streetlight at Minges Meadow. While one PAX is flipping, all other PAX were doing LBC’s until the tire flipping pax reached the 2nd stop light. Then the rest of the PAX would mosey to the tire, and then it was next man up while remaining PAX did American Hammers. We repeated this pattern until each PAX had a chance to flip the tire.

Next, we moseyed to the lower parking lot for some 4×4’s.

Starting at the bus stop, we would mosey to the first stop light, then perform a 4×4 (in standing position, drop to plank, perform 4 merkins, perform 4 mountain climbers, then jump up and clap). After completion, we then went to the next stop light, and increased the sets (2 sets and 2nd stop light, 3 at 3rd, 4 and 4th, 5th and 6th stop lights). This is where the mumblechatter got started as Cold-Cut and Easy Rider somewhat misunderstood the directions and increased the reps by 1 (so 5 merkins and 5 mountain climbers), so they were finishing well before the rest of the PAX. Once we identified this, they had to play a little catch up on the next few stops.

10 count, then we moseyed to the tennis courts for some 4 corners. We Kareokeed between each corner, stopping to do 20 reps of an exercise

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Lunges
  • Merkins
  • WWI’s

Next, we moseyed to the Pirate statue for some 11’s with Dips and Squat Jumps onto the bench. Modification for the squat jump was step ups

Then we moseyed to the wall at the Murphy Center for People’s Chair. Each PAX provided a 10 count.

Moseyed back to the flag for Mary

  • Sweat Angels
  • Hello Dollies
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • WWII’s



Count o rama, Name o rama, then we named our FNG. Welcome Sledge!

Prayer Requests/Praises

  • Easy Rider’s broken tooth
  • Easy Rider’s fiance’s comprehensive exams coming up
  • Family Issues
  • Cold-Cut’s son looking for direction
  • Hot Pursuit
  • King Pin
  • Spell Check’s M
  • Levi Lupton
  • Injured PAX


  • Lunch at EC Pho on Friday at 1145
  • Dash For Cash 5k/10 mile on Wednesday – run or ruck
  • Patch has the Q next week at Clydesales
  • YHC has the Q at Boyd Lee Beatdown on Saturday


It was a cold one, that was for sure. It’s always hard to leave the warmth of the #fartsack when it’s below freezing outside, but I’m glad I did, and I know I’m better for it. I wanted to make sure we all stayed together during today’s beat down. No man left behind. I’m really excited to have the chance to run this AO, and try and make it the best it can be. We have a star-studded Q lineup coming in December, starting off with Patch next week. Come on by and see what he has in store!

Until next time….

Chimi Out!


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