There is no such thing as bad weather.

Only bad equipment.

And there is no such thing as a bad ladder workout.

The Site Q Calleth.

The Ladder Cometh.

Welcome to The Clydesdales.

There will be no running.

But you will wish that there was…

Thanks, Chimmy for the invitation to Q this awesome site.

It was raining pretty hard, so when 5:30 struck, the disclaimer was given, and we moseyed with our ladder to the Tunnel of Love to stay dry.

The beatdown was EPIC.

Here is what went down.

We would go 5, 10, 15, 10, 5 reps with three different exercises (upper body, lower body, abs) each round

First round

Merkins, in True Cadence (do the math… that’s a BUNCH OF MERKINS)

Squats, in True Cadence


Second round

Patch led us in Good Morning Merkins (for Bono of course)

Cold Cut led us in C-C Squats

Fruity Pebbles led us in some insane Merkin – Ab move that he learned recently from Abu. It was pure evil. And we all loved it (when it was over!)

Third round

Chimmy led us in Chicken Peckers (just wait if you have not experienced yet… These are the opposite of easy)

Ten Nails led us in Jump Squats

Vorhees led us in Mountain Climbers

Fourth round


Jump Lunges

FRUITY MERCURIES – More on that later

6:15 HITS and we are TOAST

Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama: We had Seven Strong. Great to meet Vorhees and Ten Nails, FNG’s from this past Tuesday at RunStrong.

Prayer Requests and BOM led by YHC: We prayed for C-C’s grand babies, FP’s upcoming trip to TN, Patches 2.0, and school stuff for 10Nails and Vorhees.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lunch somewhere on Friday 🙂



YHC enjoys every post. Truly. But there is something special about smaller groups. (seven or less)

Between rounds, each man had an opportunity to share the origin of his nickname, where he first posted, and who gave him his nickname. The stories were great.

Q-TIP: Come prepared with a question that you would like to drop on the PAX during a break in the workout. It never disappoints!

One of YHC’s favorite moments during the workout was the last round.

Freddie Mercuries were chosen and Fruity Pebbles led the cadence.

He decided to lead the cadence in Samoan.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

We have an epic Crossbones Exicon add.

We give you:


So awesome.

Can’t wait for the next set!

Great group of Men at The Clydesdales!

And YHC think it is true that every man wished at some point that we took a little break and ran for a bit.

Every man except Patch. 🙂



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