Sometimes in life it becomes necessary to embrace the fact that we are “one day closer to death” as Pink Floyd sings. That means that each day means we are that much more over the hill. The modal age for F3 men has unscientifically been documented in Freed to Lead as 43. That is the official age of your Q today, so the goal will be to overcome that number. There were 5 for an EC Ruck beforehand. 9 pax posted at The Clydesdales to stare back at that hill.

Warm-Up – We completed the following exercises: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Sun Goddess, Squats, and Merkins

The Thang – We moseyed to the first hill past Minge’s Meadow, where we stopped and completed the following:

  • Merkins x 7 at the top and bottom of the hill for a total of 43 reps (one extra at the end). Most guys did more than 6 rounds.
  • We then moseyed to the road hill and completed Squats x7 at the top and bottom + 1.
  • Then we moseyed to the sidewalk past the road for WWIIs x 7 at top and bottom +1.
  • Then we moseyed to the hill before the tennis courts for a set of Lunges x 7 each leg +1
  • Then to finish we hit the hill by the tennis courts for burpees x 7 top and bottom+1.

We got back to the flag for 5 minutes of Mary. The trick was not to put your feet down. We used “happy baby” as a brief rest if needed. We completed: flutter kicks, box cutters, toe touches and a few others.

COT/BOM – Prayers for those injured; prayers for 2.0s making good decisions, especially when it concerns school.

Moleskin – When faced with a hill, whether it’s large or small, you can look to avoid it, or you can run right at it. Today was about staring something difficult in the face and just doing it. We got to share a challenge and a triumph. It was a great morning.

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