Day 2 of the Stabler Trifecta at The Clydesdales… nothing better than that! YHC, Patch, Fruity Pebbles, Cold-Cut and Just the Tip got in a little EC Ruck action at 0440. Got back to the flag at 0530 to see a total of 11 PAX ready to take part in Day 2. Disclaimer given and we were off…

Warm Up

  • Good Mornings x11 IC
  • SSH x11 IC
  • The Riddler x11 IC

The Thang

Mosey down to the bottom parking lot for a round of burpee suicides. Run to each island and perform 3 burpees. Back to the starting point and off to the next island for 3 more burpees for a total of 5 islands and 15 burpees

Mosey back to the bottom near the grassy hill. YHC instructed the PAX to partner up for B.O.M.B.S. Partner 1 would run to the top of the hill, while Partner 2 would do exercises, then partners would flapjack. The exercises were:

  • B – Burpees – 50 reps
  • O – Overhead claps – 100 reps
  • M – Merkins – 150 reps
  • B – Big Boy Sit Ups (WWII modification) – 200 reps
  • S – Squats – 250 reps

Somewhere during BOMBS YHC looked down and saw that Hot Pursuit joined us to make it a total of 12 PAX. He went on a solo black-ops run, saw us and decided to join the fun. Great to see Hot Pursuit back out in the Gloom!

Mosey up the hill to the Minges Meadows. What would be a Stabler Q without a little bearcrawl? Starting at one end, PAX would bearcrawl to each tree. At each tree, add 5 merkins. Total of 4 trees so a total of 50 merkins. Rinse and repeat, but lunge between trees and perform squats at each tree, adding 10 squats for a total of 100 squats.

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer Requests

The Furlough Family

Abu’s Dad

Duff’s family

White hurst and Garris Family

Caliente’s mother

Injured PAX

Praise for Chimi and his M celebrating their anniversary

Layoffs at the Daily Reflector


Day 3 of the Stabler Trifeca continues tomorrow at WestSide Story. Which PAX will post all three days?

Stabler will also be Qing at #116 on Saturday. 4 Qs in a row… YHC must be crazy!


YHC has been posting quite a bit at #TheClydesdales. Really enjoy the EC Ruck route and the AO itself presents itself with so many opportunities for different exercises. If you have not posted over here, you are really missing out so do yourself a favor and post a time or two out here. Once you do, I know you’ll be hooked, I promise! It was great seeing some new faces posting here today like Just the Tip and Pulp! 6 PAX (Patch, Fruity, Cold-Cut, Just the Tip, Pulp and Italian Stallion) posted Day 1 and Day 2 of the Stabler Trifecta. Which of those PAX will post to conquer Day 3? Find out tomorrow at WestSide Story! Until next time…

Stabler Out


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