Patch, Stabler, Chimi, and BJ for an EC ruck which gave us a preview of the stairs in the new parking garage.

Good Morning’s 10X IC
Imp. Walker’s 10X IC
SSH’s 10X IC

Mosey to the flag poles.
7’s Dips and Step ups.
Mosey to Minges meadow
7’s Merkins and Squats
Mosey to the hill
7’s SSH’s and Burpees
* About this time the Rush came for a visit, upon further review, they decided that burpees were not for them, and did their own workout, consisting of; stretching like ballerinas, talking about their feelings, and giggling over boys.
Mosey to the stairs behind the Murphy center.
10X squats at the top/10X squats at the bottom.
Rinse and repeat X3.
Mosey to the wall.
People’s chair for a 10 count per pax.
BTTW for a 10 count per pax.
Back to the flag poles.
A round of Mary, PAX choice.

to the flag
1 cool down stretch

Prayers: Injured PAX. Dr. Ross and daughter. Grubb family.
Announcements:lunch tomorrow. Chimi is Q at 116 Saturday.

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