Scrolling through the Lexicon looking for new ideas, YHC stumbled across the “Deck of Death”. Simple concept: draw a card and what ever the suit, do the corresponding exercises the number on the card. 4 Pax gathered, disclaimer giving, here we go:

WARMUP: Seal jacks, good morning, Don Quixote, merkins, a lap around the track and meet at the shelter.

THANG: The suits for DOD were Hearts: Hallelujah, Diamonds: Diamond merkins, Spades: Smurf Jacks, Clubs: Copperhead squats.

After this, we did 11’s (dips, step-ups).

MARY: There was just enough time left to go around and have each pax lead their favorite mary exercise.


COT: Duffs dad, Scotty Moe’s family, injured PAX

YHC posted this into the Twitersphere earlier today but, YHC is taking over as the Site Q at The Collard Patch starting in May so if you would like to Q reach out!



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