Soon after it was announced that Pothole was taking over as Site Q, YHC put his name in the mix to Q. Knew the day was coming soon and today was that day. Had a few ideas and could always add more as we went along, but first we had to…


10 Good Mornings IC
10 Copperhead Squats IC
10 Supermans IC
Mosey to the Sand

The Thang

Thanks to Washington a few weeks ago, we put this into the rotation today – Storm the Beach!

10 Bear Crawl Steps IC
10 Merkins IC

Rinse and Repeat to the other end

Broad Jump Burpee back to the other end, hold Plank for the Six!

The idea was to hit the sand first and get rid of it by the time we left. Rafiki got some in his eye and YHC still had plenty to wash off in the shower.

Next we fartleked the Grammar Loop 2x for a mile total with a partner for accountability and push.

Since we were right near the building and needed some more flex we did Peoples Chair while one PAX ran around, then moved onto BTTW.

We then moseyed to the rock pile. Most guys rocks were the same size so we stuck with them.

First Round – Tricep Extensions (each PAX would lead count to their birth month as we went around) – Just so happened, we went from 12, 11, 10, 9!
Second Round – Bicep Curls (each PAX would lead count to their birth day as we went around)
Third Round – Hallelujah Press (each PAX would lead count to their first borns birth month as we went around)
Fourth Round – Rows (each PAX would lead count to their second borns birth month as we went around)
Fifth Round – American Hammers (each PAX would lead count to their anniversary month as we went around)
Sixth Round – Chest Press (each PAX would lead count to their years they have been married as we went around)

We tossed the rocks back and moseyed to the #ShovelFlag.

We did a few minutes of Mary.

10 Nolan Ryans to the Right IC
10 Nolan Ryans to the Left IC
30 WWII with alternating speeds IC


YHC’s coworker Brad starts 2nd round of Chemo today.
Rafiki mentioned a couple of people in his church with health issues.
Praise that Pothole’s M is expecting their first 2.0 in December.
YHC closed us in Prayer.


Run Convergence @ #RunStrong tomorrow for a Tortoise Q.
Cold-Cut has the Q @ #EaglesRidge.
Bench has the Q @ #RuckReady.
Lunch is @ Shogun tomorrow.
Sign up for #TheSasquatch. Duff and YHC are. Pothole will and Rafiki will be out of town on a mission trip.


Good mix of work today to get the work week started. #Tclaps to Rafiki running to the AO from his house and back. Thought our fellow streakers would join us for the mile, but our group has somewhat dwindled. Gazelle put out that it was his longest running streak, stopped at 25 days. We are now up to 29 days straight of at least 1 mile a day. Though the challenge ends on July 4th, it will not get any easier as some mountain training will start the next day!

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