The date had been set, unfortunately had to be rescheduled so today was the day for the QvQ between Vanilla Ice(1 hit wonder) and Grammar (The Keebler Elf but also Vanilla’s daddy.)  Enough talk let’s get it!

Rafiki began with the warm up and finish.


I began and immediately moseyed to the football field.  I realized we had an odd number, so I planned accordingly and grabbed the 2 KB’s for me to carry with my group  On the field it was the BUDDY workout!

Round 1- Fireman Carry 100 yards to save your buddy from the fire.  10 Bro-Merkins then flip.  I carried the KB’s farmer carry.

Round 2- Drag your buddy out of the bar Buddy Drag 100 yards.  I dragged Captain Obvious while Michelin Man carried the KB’s.  10 Bro Merkins then flip.

Round 3- Buddy Carry, Captain Obvious carried the KB’s, 10 Merkins round cut short.

Grammar Part 2:

The T-Bag special!

One partner holds two rocks in a T-Pose (arms out straight)

Partner B does 10 burpees then flip flop.

Round 2 Same thing 20 burpees.

Round 3 same thing 21 burpees.

The goal was to finish with 51 burpees and most succeeded.  I would be FINE if I never saw this T-Pose challenge again.


YHC was honored to go against such a great competitor today. Grammar really knows how to bring the pain in a creative way. I knew I needed to come up with something unique to have a chance. I mean, he already had a leg up on me since he was brainstorming with the site Q the day before.

1st workout: I borrowed some medicine balls from Tonka. He Q’d BLP one Saturday and used them. I had the idea of playing volleyball , similar to wall tosses. That would give you a full body beat down. The premise was to toss the medicine ball over and let a partner catch it. After the medicine ball is caught, you would do a squat and toss back. Pax would line up behind each other and once the medicine ball was tossed, they would move to the back of the line.  We broke up into 2 groups: 1 with the medicine balls and the other would buddy bear crawl from one end of the volleyball court to the other in the sand. Buddy drag bear crawl is a bear crawl with your buddy laying under you holding on by your neck or waist area. It sounds tough but is even more brutal when you do it in the sand. I think I heard Grammar squeal a few times.

2nd workout: Line up in the parking lot. Broad jump to each line and perform a mule kick. Grammar admitted his daughter could do a better mule kick than he could. Next we duck walked to each line with 3 hand release merkins. Lots of quacking going on.  Noonan showed us he was the most dominant duck walker this side of  95. Next we bear crawled to each line with “in and out” jump squats (Feet close together squat then wide squat then close squat again). Finished off the worked with some wind sprints. The PAX dug deep and did well. Grammar must have been gassed because he stopped doing the workout before the time was up.

Prayer Requests:

Duff and his father battling cancer.

Captain Obvious and his co-worker.

Continue Prayers for Vanilla and a healthy pregnancy with his M.


Lunch at Jack Browns Burger Bar on Tuesday.

Vanilla has the Q at The Good Fight, YHC has the Q at The Clydesdales



Today was really all about the PAX, but most importantly battling with a brother that likes to talk to much!  We had been talking for some time, so I was glad we were finally able to battle it out.  Win or lose, the real winner was the PAX because I know my Q Juice kicked in and I hurt after that one. Vanilla, my brother it was a good battle and until next time, don’t be a stranger and post more!


A great time was had by all. We worked hard and the PAX definitely received a beatdown for the ages. I would like to thank Grammar for the call out.

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