Well, it is Monday so that means the best AO in Ayden-The Collard Patch.  It also means something will go wrong so in true Monday fashion the Q forgot his watch.  Luckily the PAX was there to keep the time for me.  Quick warm up which included Side Straddle Hops and Good Mornings and we were off….

To the water tower

Since we are in the middle of a heat wave, maybe we would find relief there….not so much.  Much mumble chatter from the returning Chicken Wang about deciding to make his triumphant return at the collard patch.  We stopped at each mailbox to pick up the six.  Upon arrival partner up for 3 rounds of:

Merkins while partner ran the road to water tower, did 5 burpeees, ran back

WWII while partner ran to water tower, did 10 squats, ran back

American Hammers while partner ran to water tower, 10 lunges each leg, ran back

Back to Collard Patch

Again stopping at each mailbox to pick up the six and mosey to rock pile.  The site Q was volunteered to check for any serpents that might be hiding in the rock pile and we chose our rock.

Exercises included Curls (for the girls), triceps extensions, and rows while playing musical rocks.  Mosey to the

Picnic Tables

Numerous Dips and Incline Merkins to warm up our arms for the Bear-crawl back to the Flag

Circles up for 5 or so minutes of Mary and hard stop at 0615.


prayed for Scottie Mo’s family-passing of grandfather, safe travels for Rafiki, consistency posting in the gloom for all PAX, safety for this weekend’s Sasquatch

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