I had a simple plan, so I thought, for my first time as Q. However, after directions everyone just looked at me and said “UH!?!?!” So, we just headed out down 1st St. as the Ruckers took off on their own. 1st St. turned into Brownlea and lead us to 6th St.  With a small group we all stayed within sight of each other.  6th St. to Forest Hill and down to 10th St.  This took us to Elm St. and then headed to Greenville Blvd.  A short distance on Greenville Blvd. and right on Charles Blvd.  This took us to Cotanche and back to the flag.  We circled back for the 6 and stayed together as we walked it on in with Wimpie, who is struggling with some knee issues. We rolled in with a minute to spare and waited around for the Ruckers but we did not know where the Ruck they were!?!?!

Prayer Requests:

-Hipster’s M is home recovering from brain bleed stroke

-Cold Cut’s daughter is home after giving birth to twin boys and all are doing well

-Angus’ sister is home recovering from colon cancer

-Angus’ brother-in-law’s sister just passed away from cancer

-Keep those in our prayers that are battling with ALS after our great turnout at CoopStrong


The Ruckers did roll in just in time for our circle so we could head to Q Source (I believe Tonka said to add 5 in to our total).  Would like to throw this is out there for Q Source….so happy that I finally attended.  What a great experience it was!!!

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