After YHC got out of the fartsack this morning, he checked the weather on his phone to see if it was still raining outside.  His phone showed no signs of rain but that it was still cloudy.  However, once he started driving to the site for the beatdown he quickly realized his phone had lied to him.  He was not prepared for the rain as he did not bring a towel or extra clothes to change into.  He also thought with the amount of rain coming down he was going to see a small amount of PAX posting.  To YHC’s surprise, a total of 14 PAX were ready at 0530 to either run, ruck or bike.  The PAX who rucked (5 PAX total) took off at 0530 while the runners were awaiting their instructions.


5 Squats with Calf Raises IC

The Thang

The PAX were basically instructed to follow YHC through the run.  YHC had an idea for a design he wanted drawn out on a map and didn’t want to give the idea away to the PAX.

We started by running to Evans St and made a left.
We ran down Evans St. and did a complete 180 at E. 10th St.
We ran then ran to E. 5th St. and made a right.
We had to audible and turn left on Reade St. due to construction.
We then turned right onto E. 4th St.
We ran down E. 4th St. and did a complete 180 at S. Jarvis St.
We ran back to Evans St. and made a right.
We then made a right onto E. 1st St.
We ran all the way down to S. Elm St. and made a right.
We then made a right onto E. 4th St.
We ran until we made it to S. Library St. and did a 180.
We went back to S. Elm St. and made a right turn.
We ran all the way towards E. 10th St. and made a right turn.
We ran until we hit E. Rock Spring Rd. and did another 180.
We made our way back to S. Elm St. and made a left turn.
We ran back up to E. 1st St. and made another left turn.
From there we ran all of the way back to the flag.

It was a total of approximately 6 miles with a design of “F3” drawn out on the map.


Aquaman – Prayer for the 4 x ECU students who were either injured or killed in a car wreck in South Carolina on Friday night.

Cousin IT – Prayer for Jeremy and his family as his brother passed away from a heart attack yesterday.

Spalding – His daughter broke her leg at work and needed a rod placed in it.

Gazelle – His wife’s roommate’s (from college) mother passed away.

Bambino – Praise for the amount of money raised for Ainsley’s Angel.

YHC closed us out in prayer.


QSource at Krispy Kreme


Although this morning was soggy and had a high amount rain coming down before the beatdown, it was great to see the high number of PAX beating the fartsack and showing up.  Everyone did a great job staying motivated all throughout.  Each Q and beatdown comes with its challenges and audibles but by the end, it is all worth it seeing the PAX motivate each other and pushing themselves.  Great job today men!

– Captain Obvious

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