Not a very clever title but with all my travel I was happy to be running in Greenville this weekend. I knew this would be a good route for these PAX since I was the slowest. I always try to throw in a few hills because it’s never too early to think about BRR.

The Thang

Left on first from the flag, left on 5th, right on Green Springs Dr a little hill, right on 10th, left up College Hill, left on 14th, right on W Berkley, right on the greenway past Minges, right on Charles St, left on Reade Cr, continues on Pitt St, right on 1st, run what you can to finish up the last 6 mins back to the flag

All the PAX got in 6 plus miles.  We  also had 3 ruckers this morning. Only mumblechatter I heard was from Rafiki.  When I said “Okay up College Hill.”  Rafiki, “WHY?”  He then told about moving picnic tables at a workout for no logical reason. I think he mentioned Wimpie.  I got some EC with Spalding, great to catch up with him.  Tortoise continued on for 13 more miles of EC this morning.

Prayer request

Rafiki’s neighbor, Sandra Hardison, taken to the hospital last night with shortest of breath. Cousin IT, travel with his son to DC. Angus sister dealing with cancer. String bean’s son had a fender bender, unfortunately no injuries. There was hope from String’s son that the truck was permanently out of commission but it will live to see another day on the road.


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