YHC had the idea to do a BRR simulation event starting Saturday and leading into Sunday ending with TheCommons.  After 3 runs in the past 23 hours YHC wanted us to maintain some hill climbs so we set out for some repeats, common theme for me.

The Thang:

Started down 1st to Elm, Right on Elm, Right on 5th,circle back for the 6.

The Loop: up 5th, left on summit, left on 3rd, left on cotanche, left on 5th, repeat until time to go back to the flag

Head back to the Flag

Prayer Requests:

Praise for 4 runs with PAX and that we stay uninjured

Pray for Tonka to heal up quick

David Mckee, Cold cuts son

Floaters grandchild in the NICU

Hot Pursuit, Wimpie, and Jock Itch on the job search

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