This was my first time posting in a long time due to the ankle injury, so when the opportunity came up to Q, I was more than willing.  It was great to see some familiar faces pulling up as naturally I do not live by my name….I was out there early.  I decided to change things up a little to start with today.  We have become accustomed to meeting at 0530 and here is the route so let’s go.  Then, for the first 1/2 mile or so all we hear is groans, moans and joints popping as we loosen up.  Let’s be honest….none of us are getting any younger!!  So, with going through the rehabilitation process with the ankle the past few months I have concentrated on warming up and stretching with a cool down at the end.  This is what we did:

Warm Up

  • Running in place for approx. 1 minute
  • Jumping Jacks for approx. 1 minute
  • Double Knee Pulls (straight up, from the side, and then from the back)

The Thang

We woke the hills up in Greenville this morning as we headed down Evans St. to 14th St. where we turned back to get the six.  Then it was up 14th St. with a turn on Rock Springs to go up and then back down.  We turned back to get the six, so it was back up Rock Springs only to find out that Slim Jim continued on to meet us on the next turn.  So, it was back down Rock Springs to head towards College Hill, which only means one thing….heading back up.  We met Slim Jim at the top and then took a turn for Elm St.  Elm St. was a breeze on this side of 10th St. as we headed down.  At the bottom of Elm St. we continued on and Slim Jim and Cold Cut took a left on 10th St. to meet us back at the flag.  Elm St. on the other side of 10th St. is not so forgiving with several ups.  We picked the six up at Elm St. and 1st St. and then took a left on Willow.  On Willow we encountered some more small ups and downs.  With a turn on Jarvis St. we were back to the up before making it back to 1st St. to head down again to only head back up again towards the flag.  Meeting back at the flag with the six we turned and headed down Evans St. again to meet up with Slim Jim and Cold Cut.  Meeting up with them around Evans and 4th St. we turned to head back up one last time to the flag.

The Cool Down

We slowed our pace down tremendously coming to the flag and after some emergency bathroom breaks (I don’t think we can consider the homeless man in the toilet as an FNG) we gathered around for some stretching.  Wow…I am pretty sure if there had been a rock laying around Past Due and Aquaman would have thrown it at me!!!!  But, hey, gotta love those guys for still stretching it out and doing their best.  The stretches went well and I am sure we all appreciate our legs not locking up once we get in our vehicles!!!

Prayer Requests

  • Guys running in OBX200 keeping the strong and safe travels
  • Guys doing the Elevation Ruck this morning, keeping them strong and safe
  • Duff’s father-in-law in cancer treatment
  • Easy Rider having some medical issues


  • Aquaman wanted to remind everyone that on Wednesday at 1800 fellowship will be happening at Tapped on Firetower.  However, after a lengthy discussion it turned into meeting at 1730 for a 5k run before partaking in the new F3 beers.
  • May 11th there is an ALS walk happening at Ficklen Stadium called the Down East Walk


Final Thoughts

The message today really hit home for me at Open Door Church and I think it can apply to all of us.  The title was I am not OK.  Sometimes, when someone asks if we are ok, we say we are fine.  Even though that may mean we are not fine and we just do not want to talk about it.  Going through this injury I have told many people that I am fine or that I am ok.  Truth is that even though things may have been getting better physically, mentally I was not fine and was nowhere near ok.  I was struggling and was in a dark place and could not find my way out.  The message today was to say that it is ok to ask for help.  In times of need it is ok to say help me; not just to someone here on earth, but in prayer to God.  God gives us these struggles in life, but He never gives us something that we can’t handle.  Even though it is hard to understand why sometimes and we question it like crazy; He is always there to help.  We just have to ask.  One last thing from the message that really hit hard was that “we walk through the valley of the shadow of death”.  We “walk”, we do not run, we “walk”.  We walk because God is making is stronger during this time of struggle because again, He knows we can handle it.  Stay safe, stay strong, and do not be afraid to ask for help.


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