EC Ruck – Coustau, Havaad, yhc.  EC Run – Rafiki

Yhc asked Silverback if I could q #thegoodfight several weeks in advance knowing that yhc’s one year was coming up.  When yhc first started F3, #thegoodfight was one of the very first posts yhc attended.  Even brought an Samoan “Ie Lava Lava” or skirt since there has been much mumblechatter about leaving your skirts at home before you come to the beatdowns.  Skirt was put on, white board displayed for the workout, disclaimer given for our FNG, and off we went.

Warm Up

  • SSH – 15 IC
  • Run to traffic light and back (Some may have thought it was going to be a FIA w/out when yhc was running with a skirt on?)
  • Haka (War chant Polynesians perform as part of our culture.  Today’s haka was – “Tama toa Samoa (Brave Samoan boy) Malosi mai Le Atua i luga (Strength from God above) Ua sau ile F3 (has come to F3) Sauini mai loa! (Get ready for a beatdown!).  Immediately after all that chatter, the pax thought yhc was calling out Thomas, so “who’s Thomas?” was asked.  Just for that….
  • Burpees – 5 OYO


  • Round 1 – Left Arm (15 Reps each)
    • KB Merkins – 4 ct IC
    • Bent over Rows
    • Deadlifts
    • KB Clean
    • KB Squat
    • KB Overhead Press
  • Round 2 – Right Arm (15 Reps each)
  • Partner Up – P1 Does Mountain Climbers while P2 Farmer Carries both KB’s to second tree and back.  Flapjack – plank for six.
  • Round 3 – 40 seconds max reps for each exercise with 15 seconds rest in between
    • KB Snatch
    • Goblet Squat to Reverse Lunge
    • Cross body cleans
    • Alternating KB Swings (Russian swing)
    • KB Swing to Squats
  • Round 4 – Rinse and reapeat.
  • Round 5 – 7’s.  Samoan burpees (Lunge, lunge, squat, burpee) and KB swings.

BOM:  A talking staff (To’oto’o) and flywhisk (fue) was brought out.  Only those who possessed the talking staff were allowed to speak.  Yhc was privileged to share this with the pax!

  • Silverback surgery and recovery
  • Abu’s father’s recovery!
  • Rambo returning!  Kingpin’s radiation treatment.
  • Aquaman’s Mom.
  • Pulp’s 2.0’s going off to camp
  • Jock Itch – Omega Sports closing in Greenville – job
  • Injured Pax
  • Friend in Marines camp


  • Sasquatch – Bring water/gatorade, sign up!
  • Abu has the Q at #WSS

Moleskin:  No words can describe the meaning F3 has had on yhc’s life!  Not only has it helped with the first F, but all 3 F’s.  The accountability and brotherhood F3 brings is second to none!  Yhc is blessed to be in the gloom with my brothers, and look forward to different ways God can use us to be His hands and feet in our homes, workplaces, and communities!  Yhc’s one word this year is “Servant.”  We serve a Savior who not only died and rose again for us, but has showed throughout His life that He is a Servant-God!  He put all else before Himself!  I hope that if anything the pax can see from yhc is that my purpose in life is to share the love of God that those who post alongside yhc can fall in love with Him!  Thank you brothers for allowing yhc to be part of this brotherhood, and looking forward to greater things ahead!

Blessings – FP


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