Ten PAX circled up at 0530 in the humid gloom to experience the Grout beatdown.

warm up

  • good mornings
  • tempo squats
  • merkins
  • lap

tha thang

8 minute EMOM

  • M1: 20 goblet squats
  • M2: 20 russian swings
  • M3: 20 reverse lunges (10 ea side)
  • M4: 20 American hammers (2 is 1)

take a lap

8 minutes EMOM

  • M1: 20 pushups on KB
  • M2: 30 bent over rows
  • M3: 20 (30 if you were feeling froggy) deadlifts
  • M4: 20 (30 if you were feeling froggy) leg lifts over the KB (2 is 1)

take a lap


  • One arm. Start each movement from the dead position.
    • Deadlift. High Pull. Clean. Snatch. Overhead Squat. One rep. Repeat 4x each side
  • One arm. Long cycle.
    • Russian swing. High pull. Clean. Five jerks. Repeat 4x each side.

We finished with a half round of tabata with the following moves before we were ALL saved by the bell:

  • Thrusters
  • Burpees
  • KB step ups on picnic table
  • Pull-ups

Prayer Requests

injured and recovering PAX, Kingpin, Vanilla, Hot Pursuit, The End, Half Pipe recovery, Psycho’s friend’s son need organ replacement surgeries, Caleb Langdale (a family friend of YHC’s M) was in a head on collision he is 23 years old fighting for his life here at Vidant.


We NEED donations for water and Gatorade, bring them to your next post. Drop offs in Winterville & Greenvillle, contact Grammar for details on those locations. Need volunteers for first aid and support. Lunch tomorrow at Blacken Kraken. Good Fight continues to be the HOTTNESS for Q’ing.


My favorite place to post, The Good Fight. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to lead HIMs at this AO. Kettlebells are so versatile. If I could only utilize one piece of exercise equipment for the rest of my life, I would choose a kettlebell hands down. You can build strength, test your endurance, and incorporate for conditioning with only a KB. It really teaches you to know your body. You can’t manipulate a KB in motion if you aren’t in tune with you own body. Not to mention, it’s the perfect piece of equipment for scaling a workout and the perfect piece of equipment for travel! If the workout is getting too easy, just up the weight. Cousteau could have filled a two liter with the sweat from his shirt. I was proud of that. Grout out.

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