YHC got the nod to Q about a month ago. Made my weinki yesterday and it went like this.

Warm-up: SSH (IC) Sun Gods- forward and backwards (IC) 5 burpees OYO and then run to the stoplight at tapped and back.

The Thang: Partner up for accountability and rep counting ( was one group of 3) one partner would complete the movement while the other counted and then they would flapjack. 20 american KB swings/15 merkins/10 Presses/5 thrusters then plank for the 6. After the round we sprinted to the playground and back. Next round was 20 KB cleans/ 15 sun rise sun sets/10 snatches/5 Gob Sqts. Did another playground sprint when all PAX were finished. Next we converged at the shelter. First was farmer carries with both KBs while other partner stayed back and did 10 merkins/10 durkins/ 10 urkins on a repeat cycle until farmer was back, the flapjack. Next was overhead KB carry while other partner did 10 curls/ 10 tri ext/ 10 bent over rows on a repeat cycle. Lastly we did KB held out in front to the tree and back with 5 pull ups/ 5 KB step-ups/ 5 WW1’s with KB on a repeat cycle. We then moved all of our weights to the tree by the playground and then took a cool down lap around Paramore. When back at the tree we did KB between leg lunges back to the flag. When back at the flag we did a down and back mosey to tree with KB in hand. Quick break while I retrieved my phone for a 6 min EMOM consisting of 10 Sumo Sqt to High Pull/ 6 reverse lunges/ 4 bus drivers (4ct)/2 burpees. Had to keep changing up the rep schemes because we weren’t getting much or any of break. 1 min of Mary with windshield wipers and flutter kicks.


  • The Closed Hands Father in law
  • Fruity Pebbles 2.0
  • All the dads going to F3 dads camp
  • YHC has Q tomorrow at First Aid

Moleskin: Thank you Candy Cane for giving me the opportunity to Q this morning. Was a great and really hot and humid push by all. Until next time!

Scotty Moe

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