I was looking at the weather forecast the night before and I knew it would at least effect the FNG’s I was headlocking but oh well. The men of F3ENC showed up and showed out and that’s all that matters!

The Thang

Pledge of Allegiance 

Monkey humper’s 4 count X 20

  • Merkins  4 count X 10
  • Squats 4 count X 20
  • Hallelujahs 4 count X50
  • Run to Tapped
  • KB curls 4 count X 25
  • Goblet Squats 4 count X25
  • Tricep extension 4 count X20
  • KB sumo squats X25
  • KB ribbons X6
  • KB prisoner get ups X20
  • KB bus drivers X10

Count 1’s and 2’s

  • 1’s lunge/ partner get up to tree
  • 2’s kb hallelujahs


Rinse and repeat

Move to shelter Pick a cadence caller from other group 

  • 1’s super step ups
  • 2’s overhead arm claps (to failure)

I called the first cadence to 60 4 count

Rafiki called the second to 61

1’s irkins

2’s monkey humpers 

I called the first cadence to 20 4 count

Cousteau called the second to 20 4 count

To the kettle bells

25 curls OYO

25  goblet squats OYO

15 tricep extension OYO

Back to the shelter

1’s super step ups

2’s overhead arm claps

I offered for someone to take the cadence but no one took it so we went to 100 4 count

Cousteau called the second to 100 4 count as well

Conveyor belt

  • Line up on the ground feet to shoulders ww2 position going towards the tree line 
  • Do sit up to pass the bag to teammates when done run to front of the line 
  • Thanks Rucker’s for the other rucks to move


I love Qing! I don’t know if it’s the bossy side of me or  if I just like to feel like I’m dishing out some pain for once, but there are few things better than the Q juices flowing and being in the gloom with the Pax!

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