YHC has been on hiatus for sometime.  The opportunity to Q has been the perfect catalyst to get back into the saddle.  Thirteen HIMs showed up in the gloom for a fast paced beat down on a hot November morning.

Warm Up

Jack Webbs IC (adding a merkin and 5hallelujahs each round until reaching 10 merkins with 50 hallelujahs)

The Thang

Mosey to Moss Landing

10 Mike Tysons IC

Wheel Barrow with partner to each street light.  5 merkins then switch rolls to next street light.  Rinse and repeat until one lap complete.

Mosey back to Shipyard

Partner up for 11’s with bench dips and dirkins from side walk to side walk


20 crab cakes IC

10 Hello Dollys

50 LBCs

10 Flutter kicks



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