Warm up
• Little Stretch then hit it

The Thang
A run to the skate board park and an attempt to destroy the mark of the beast.
6 pull ups, run up hill for 6 burpees, back down for 6 reverse cable pulls on the swings. Decrease by 1 each round until complete.
A run to the court house to take on D Block.
A run up and down the steps with 10 jump squats, a crabwalk down the side to 10 crab cakes, A bear crawl around back and 10 merkins, and finish with a Zombie walk and 10 jump lunges. Run the steps for the six.
Mosey to the ally for a new exercise called toes to nose. From the plank position walk backwards up the wall until in a handstand position then back down to plank = 1 rep. We performed 10 reps.

2.4 miles of running and a full body workout!

Prayer Requests:
Pray for Flo’s daughter who has an autoimmune issue. Pray for Duct Tape’s son that is having ACL surgery, Pray for Yoda’s family that is in conflict over personal views. Praise to a Job interview for Leprechaun. Pray all goes well

Announcements:Ruck on Wednesday morning, Enron said they are taking it up a notch

Hit pretty hard this morning, but everyone pushed hard and seemed to endure the suck.

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