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The Thang:

Kicked things off with a mosey to the east side of the boardwalk. The Q has developed a recent dislike of crab walks and bear crawls so we swallowed the frog. Bear crawl across the street, 10 squats, crab walk back across the street. Rinse and repeat.

Moseyed on down the boardwalk to the first cutaway benches. 40 bench step-ups, 40 merkins. The Q noticed the step-ups were taking longer and added another 20 merkins to keep all PAX busy.

Mosey to Gaylord’s Ledge and partnered up for 5 assisted pull ups. Followed that up with a ledge hang while each PAX recited the make/model of their first car. Another round of 5 assisted pull-ups followed by a ledge hang while each PAX recited their childhood sports hero. Final round of 5 assisted pull-ups followed by a ledge hand while each PAX recited their favorite junk food.

Mosey to the People’s Pier for D’DIMS [Dips, Derkins, Inclined Merkins, Merkins, Squats]. Started with 5 reps and worked each set down to 1.

Moseyed to the Festival Park lawn for a little football-inspired work. Started with high knees across the lawn then circled up to chop our feet. One at a time, a member of the PAX was asked to call out the nickname of an SEC school. One burpee for a correct answer, three burpees for incorrect answers. A few answers received extra credit. Three burpees for “Tigers” (the SEC has three) and two burpees for “Bulldogs” (the SEC has two). One PAX decided to get cute and crack on the Q’s alma mater, earning 5 burpees for the group. High knees back, then a little Karaoke down and back for good measure.

Circled up under the gazebo for several rounds of exercises using the Q’s new Workout Deck – Beatdown Box Card Deck.

COT/Announcements/Prayer requests

Big interview today for Leprechaun.


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