YHC’s name and date aligned on the Q calendar once again. With very little free time between work and coaching my daughters all-star softball team, I managed to put together a beatdown at the last moment.  Man what did we do without google maps in the past!! A brief scouting mission on google maps, and the Jailhouse Beatdown was born.

Warm up:

  • 10 Buttkickers
  • 15 SSH
  • 20 Goodmornings
  • 25 Frog Jacks

We began our mosey westward from festival park. Once we passed Down on Mainstreet, we hung a right into one of Downtown Washington’s alleyways. We had the pleasure of running with a few of Washington’s elite alley cats! We crossed over Main Street and down another alleyway headed towards the Court House/Jailhouse. Upon arrival at the jailhouse:

Thang 1:

In front of the Jailhouse there are two grassy knolls along with a rather large set of steps in between the two.  The PAX were instructed how the beatdown was going down.

On the first grassy knoll, 20 partner situps which turned into big boy situps when everyone did them alone.

Then run to the top of the steps,5 burpees, then run down the steps to the second grassy knoll.

On the second grassy knoll, 20 Frog Jacks.

Then run to the back, west corner of the jailhouse, 20 merkins.

Run to the back, east corner, 20 Mike Tysons

Then run back to the first grassy knoll.

Upon arrival after the first round, the PAX were instructed to rinse and repeat. The second round started bringing out a few groans out of the PAX. Upon completion of the second round, there was still plenty time left for another rinse and repeat. After YHC ordered the last rinse and repeat, you would have thought I told the PAX they were all going to Jail! On this last round, the groans and mumble chatter was in full effect. I will honestly say, that last round was tough, but the PAX pulled through.

We took advantage of a 20 count, then moseyed back to the walkway down the waterfront.

Thang 2:

After a brutal upper body slam at the jailhouse, why not push it just a little farther.

What is the waterfront AO without D.I.M.S. down the walkway. Derkins, Irkins, Merkins, Squats. In sequence, stopping at each light post along the way,we did 2 of the intended exercise. Man ole man, did this really add the burn to shoulders and arms. Once adjacent to the shovel flag, we peeled off the walkway and circled up.


  • 25 Flutter kicks
  • 25 Frog Jacks



Prayer request for safe travels for Conch Fritter. Also for his family as their house comes under contract, helping them find a place to lay their heads until their new home is complete. For Bob the Builder, with his career change movingforward Also for Leprechaun, as he takes his test to start his new career.


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