Warm up/1st session
• Wheel Barrel to the Gazebo
• Bridge Leg Raises 20 sec hold and 20 reps each leg IC
• Reverse Crunch 30 OYO
• Spell your name 6 inches
• Right side chill cut with leg lift 20 sec hold 20 reps IC
• Scorpion 10 IC
• Frog Jacks 10 IC
• Peter Parker 20 OYO
• Parker Peter 20 OYO
• Under the fence from downward dog 10 OYO
• Typewriter Merkins 10 OYO
• Wide Merkins 10 OYO
• Diamond Merkins 5 OYO
• Left side chill cut with leg lift 20 sec hold 20 reps IC
2nd session
Mosey to the boardwalk for Bear Balls. PAX hold balls to the wall while one PAX bear crawls to the front.
Slide shuffle left then right stopping at every bench for a rotation of 5 SSH and 5 Jump squats
Mosey to the small brick wall for side box jumps. 50 each side OYO
Indian run back to the Gazebo to finish up Spell you name 6 inches
Prayer Requests:
Pray for Ceech/Anderson family. Pray for Large mouth’s Uncle. Praise for the sportsmen award given to the 8u Washington Allstars. They placed 2nd at States. Praise to Bullseye and Graffe, both received their black belts in Karate.
Enron with the Q on Thursday. Cornhole starting a bible study for his church on Fridays
Lots of Abs, hips, and glute work. All exercises were backdropped by some random Amazon 80s pop. Nothing like getting fired up to Phil Collins and the Bee Gees. The question was asked why I always include humping exercises and the answer is because the ladies love it. Numbers are increasing, 18 is awesome for a Tuesday. All good in the L-Dub.

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