Written by Mayhem – Base Burgler has been posting with Uncle Angus for several months now. Shoulder tapped him in April about doing his VQ in May and he was excited to accept.  Gamecock and I arrived in time to plant the shovel flag and let our Q lead the way!

Warm Up

  • SSH aka Jumping Jacks x 15
  • He’s young and doesn’t need to warm up much……..so Mr. Burgler informed the PAX of his planned route and off we went.

The Thang

  • turned left on Arlington and ran up to Greenville Blvd. Turned left. Ran to Charles and headed downhill down Charles. Saw some Clydesdales doing some sissy exercises on the hill, but the men kept on running! Headed up the greenway back toward Evans Street. Crosse over and headed back up Arlington to the shovel flag.
  • We had about 7-8 minutes to spare. YHC mentioned Mary, but if you know the Base Burgler…….you know more running was in order. Mosey to Rose High Track and get in as many laps as possible with remaining time!
  • Back to the shovel flag promptly at 6:15.  Got in 4 miles PLUS.

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer Requests

  • several prayer requests; however, Barry Furlough and his wife Karen and son Blake are at the front of everyone’s minds and hearts. Prayers for God, family, and friends to surround them with love.


Boston Lager has the Q next Thursday 5/23. Be here!

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