Well YHC knew it would be tough to find a Q on Thanksgiving Day, and wasn’t quite sure how large the PAX would be, but had a plan nonetheless.  With the Turkey Trot on many agendas, I didn’t want to necessarily leave the AO on a city wide tour, so staying around the AO was a priority. I was happy to see three HIM waiting as I pulled in to The Rush right on time!

Warm Up

  • Good Mornings  x 11
  • Good Nights  x 11
  • SSH  x 22

The Thang

Being we had some runners, and none were participating in Turkey Trot, YHC made an audible and included more running.

Follow me as we took a warm up lap around Rose High Property

  • Burpees  x 5 at speed bump near tennis courts
  • Lunges  x 10 each leg at corner of Marvin Jarman Woad
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 each leg  at back lit parking lot at other corner
  • Merkins x 20  back at shovel flag
  • Plank Jacks x 25 at the track

Next adventure: Just like Thanksgiving Dinner, we want HIM to eat all they want.  So the PAX would run horseshoes around the track at whatever pace they choose. “Get all you want”. Brief pause between helpings to perform 22 LBCs to work on that belly fat, before starting the next lap. YHC was the SIX, and got in 5 laps.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for short count o rama and name o rama; video for Rambo; and picture.

Prayer Requests

Continued healing for several PAX; Safe travels for all; all prayer requests spoken and unspoken.


Aquaman coming to a theatre near you


YHC has so much to be thankful for and Family and F3 are two of those things for sure!  It’s been a big year for Mayhem in 2018, the biggest of which was getting married to a wonderful High Impact Woman, Sugarbaker. As we were running around Rose High, String Bean asked us all what our favorite food was on Thanksgiving….which prompted a food conversation of course. This lead to talking about Sugarbaker’s cooking, which lead to my comment that she’s a great great cook, but burns toast lol.  It’s actually hilarious that someone can cook the complicated things she does, yet still can burn toast…..but take that into our own lives. We can all walk through lives by ourselves, and we will all fall short without God, Family, and Friends to help us with our shortcomings! To love someone is to love them at their best, and at their worst.  God loves us the same way. And thank goodness, because if all I can find to complain about is Burnt Toast, then life is pretty damn good! Love and appreciate the Burnt Toast in your life. Peace and Blessings to all.



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