YHC posted at #TheRush last week and knowing his Q was coming today, put the question out about what the Pax wanted. This AO has turned into, as Slim Jim calls it “The Rush Run Club” and as the name suggests, the Pax voted to run today. So YHC found a route, threw it out today and the Pax accomplished in 44 minutes. At 05:29 we had a Pax of 4 then up pulled Gamecock and Mayhem in the nick of time and were off ..

Warm Up
– Get yourself loose from the flag down to Arlington Blvd thru butt kickers, high knees, whatever it takes

The Thang – we had a tee time at Greenville Country Club
– Right on Arlington
– Left on Hooker
– Right on Fairlane
– Left on Memorial Drive
– Right on Country Club drive
– Circle around the island by the golf course
– Make your way back to the flag via the same route

Prayer Requests/Praises
– Gamecock’s family remembering his grandmother’s death
– Mayhem’s family during this Christmas season with lots of moving parts involved
– FIA member in SC who was hit by car and her family

This has turned into a very solid AO. It’s got some staple members you can rely on seeing each Thursday morning then another group of Pax who seem to rotate through. Each week there is always a very manageable number of pax who post which allows you to have a variety of fellowship with different pax but not overwhelmed by number and still be able to talk with everyone. A few highlights from today’s conversations …
– Slim Jim’s wish list includes a twitter account
– Gamecock ate his Wheaties before running today, he and Tortoise led the Pax today
– Mayhem was hoping for a beer and a grilled cheese when we arrived at Greenville CC but to no avail
– Tortoise may be exiled from Eastern NC after claiming Coke is better than Pepsi

Post next week as Mr. Belding makes his final F3ENC post as the Q before moving to Greensboro.

Skipper, OUT

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