Woke up to humidity.

We knew that they sweat would be pouring.

We decided to Explore Our Pour.

That means we needed to run past our very own Vanilla’s MPOURIUM.

We would take Hooker to Dickinson. Push down to Reade Circle. Then head back to the flag.

Right at 5 miles.

The men rocked it.

Tried to talk everyone into a game of 5 on 5 basketball when we got back to the shovel flag.

No takers.

Prayer requests for Mayhem’s 2.0 being deployed. Today is his 21st birthday! Praise! Prayer request for String’s 2.0, Snap, headed on mission trip to Dominican Republic.

Base Burglar prayed us out.

If you have not checked out The Rush on Thursdays, you need to!

Awesome group and awesome AO!

Thanks for the opportunity, GC!

String Bean Out

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