Welcome to the Million Dollar Mile.  I saw the TV show on NBC, and decided to come up with our own version of it.  No obstacles like the show, but of course we can make our own obstacles to make it fun.

Butt Kickers, High Knees, and Skip to the start which is the entrance of Rose.

Rose to Guy Smith was the original intent, but we stopped at the intersection just before for safety reasons and crossing traffic.

Do exercises at the location totaling 7.

Entrance- Squats

Intersection- Shoulder Tap Merkins

The fun part…..as you run down Hooker RD and encounter a car in front of you, stop and do a burpee or Jump Squat to modify.  This got really fun as traffic picked up!  I had the pleasure of running with Noonan the whole time, and stopping to do the burpees became a burden, but we pushed through to get the miles.  The intent was to try to run faster to your destination to avoid the burpees!

At the end Strokes said he was looking for a nice easy run today, I think he got what he wanted right Strokes!  It was also mentioned that I might  not be welcomed back to Q at The Schoolyard anymore after my last Q!  No idea why…..

6:15 hard stop with a minute to stretch. Most PAX got between 3-4 miles.

Prayer Requests:

Abu’s dad being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Grisham and Vanilla with the impending delivery of their 2.0’s.

Gamecocks oldest graduating from UNC and starting his professional career at Wells Fargo in Charlotte.  Yellow start(his youngest 2.0) traveling to Argentina for a month.

Grammar’s dad traveling today from Arkansas.  Finally closing on his house.


Dad’s camp sign up with your 2.0’s.

SASQUATCH July 27th.  Pre-Blast coming soon.


This year once again I have been asked to Q the Sasquatch which is July 27th. This will be the 5th year running and second year with the new route and ruck alternative.  It has grown exponentially over the years and we have included other regions that have really made this event special.  It is important that if you are able to run/ ruck, or serve in anyway that F3ENC has a strong showing because this is our own homegrown CSAUP event.  No matter what you think your limitations are, this is meant to push you and it does.  If you are looking to serve and be on the support team they are even more important to the successes of the Sasquatch over the years.

The award still resides in ENC and it is important that we don’t let any of these other regions take it.  Sign up to do something, but remember this is meant to push you physically and mentally, and what better way to do it then with your F3 brothers.

Love you guys and be ready to sign up and promote promote and PROMOTE this thing!


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