So thankful to make my return to Q’ing after surgery last month!  I am still limited somewhat in lifting and working out, but I can run albeit slower than before taking time out.  When Gamecock asked me if I could Q #TheRush while we were at #Runstrong, I told him that.  He said, “dude, you are the Q so you can decide whatever you want to do!”  That’s one of the reasons I love F3, I had never been to #TheRush since I have always been connected to #TheGoodFight on Thursday mornings, but post surgery and Blue Ridge Training make this the perfect workout opportunity.


Guys were still getting out of their cars when 5:30 came around, so rather than take off down the street leaving PAX, we did one warm up lap around the track to give everyone a chance to catch up.


  1. Leave Rose and run to intersection of Evans/Arlington and Greyhounds can run back for the 6.
  2. Run to the “Nipple” on the 10th Street Connector. Greyhounds will run back and forth over the nipple until the 6 arrives at the top.
  3. Run down 10 Street Connector to 14th street and turn left to go to Dickinson, then right towards Piggly Wiggly.  Run to the “Dimple” on Dickinson below the train trestle and the greyhounds can run back for the 6.
  4. Run to Rose and back to the flag and back for the 6.


  • Prayer Requests: PeeDee medical condition and procedure coming up, Dad’s Camp, Spalding’s Daughter, Hot Spot’s Daughter and Mother
  • Announcements:  Pirate Radio Football Kickoff Party on Thursday August 29 (get your free tix at Atlantic Wireless/US Cellular location at the Mall, “%00 Men Praying” will be at Koinonia Christian Center on Wednesday August 21 at 7:00pm.  F3ENC would like a big showing of F3 guys.  We will be given a few minutes to speak afterwards hoping to look for FNGs to join us.
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