6 Pax rolled in but one Co-Site Q was missing…..Mayhem where are you????? Turns out Mayhem was decorating until 2:00 in the morning to prepare his house for “The Great Christmas Light Fight!”  The workout went like this:


Mosey to the track:

Lap 1- 60% to warm-up

Lap 2 80% to get the heart rate up

Lap 3 110% to push the heart rate!

Lap 3 Indian Run to cool down

Mosey to the endzone lay down sprint to the 50 and back.

Second time around lay on your back spring 100 yards then back.

After the plan was simple…CRASH WITN studios.  We had a little fun taking a picture in front and interviewing Fake Mayhem for his house entry for “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”

Mosey back to the flag, and returned with about 6 minutes left.  Too cold to lay on the ground and do some flutter kicks, so 6 minutes run 2 laps!

6:15 Done

Prayer Requests:

Strong Bean Mentioned a praise for a young lady that Houdini knows opening her eyes after being in a coma for a month.

Grammar mentioned his student Chris who is back on the kidney donor list looking for his second kidney transplant.  Great kid and continued prayers for him!

Moleskin:It has been a disappointing week for my M and myself. But then a light came on as my student who has been in and out of the hospital since October with another kidney failure returned to school and I could of just cried.  When I saw the email of him returning, joy just came over me and I was reminded at that moment that we are here and doing what we do for a reason.  A national board and exam are not going to define who we are and what we do.  We will take it on the chin and try again because that is what Chris is doing.  Him coming to school makes my day so much better because he is just glad to be back at school with his friends and learning.  For 3 years he has been at home doing online school learning things himself.  I pray and I ask each of my brothers to please lift up prayers for him and the continued search to find a donor.  I love each and everyone of my F3 brothers, but I especially love each and everyone of my students.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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