It seems that every time I run with #TheWintervilleRunClub , I stay lost the whole time we run.  Although Winterville is not THAT big, I seem to lose my sense of direction there.  So when I volunteered to Q, I was a little worried that I would lead the PAX to a point of not getting back in time.  Google Maps is my friend, and gave me a point to run to, and a different direction back.  With that said, our end point was Brock’s Farms.

Gazelle and Grammar had a full EC run, and I got in about half of an EC run before the work out.

We had all gathered up a little before 5:30 and it was awesome to see a big time rucker like Chimichanga pushing his comfort zone by coming out for a run.

I gave directions to run down Sylvania to Church street.  The fast horses could come back for the 6th at that point.

Next spot was head to Laurie Ellis Road.

On to Old Tar Road and dodged an 18 Wheeler on the way..

Cross Old Tar Road and go to Brock’s Berry Farm then turn around and head back to Old Tar Road.

Next, we braved a little bit of Traffic on Old Tar and ran to BayBerry Lane.

Here the plan was to turn on Rosewood and go to Cooper to head back.  But, F3 is full of leadership ready to take over, and Cousin IT and the guys up front took us down Primrose instead.  Thank goodness they knew where they were going.

From there we ran in front of AG Cox on Church Street before speeding back to the flag for COT.


  • Prayer Requests:  The Barrett family in the passing of their 11 year old son to brain cancer, The Johnson Family from Grifton lost their mother/grandmother
  • Announcements:  lunch today at Lemongrass at 12:00, Grammar has the Q at The Schoolyard tomorrow, Chimi has the Q at The Clydesdales and Candy Cane has the Q at The Good Fight on Thursday.  Rafiki has the Q at Q Source on Sunday,  Grammar has the Q next week at The Sandlot.  Die Hard will graduate this May!!!  Congratulations!!


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