Die Hard contacted YHC via Slack and advised that some PAX have surmised that YHC was afraid of The Sandlot.  He suggested that I take the Q to prove the haters wrong.  I’m glad I did (despite losing 10 extra minutes of sleep).  The Sandlot is a great running AO and we had a great PAX.

I think most PAX got in anywhere from 5-5.5 miles.  I broke the PAX into two groups and had a mini race at about the 3.5 mile mark around .75 mile loops adjacent to each other.  The goal was to get everyone in the group back to the starting point first.  My team didn’t win, but it was a nice little diversion in the midst of a running workout.


  • Last week of school
  • Abu’s father
  • Shake and Bake’s mother-in-law
  • Aquaman’s mother


Shake and Bake is taking over as Site Q!  Good luck and I’ll be sure to be back!

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