YHC came up with the idea of Indian run and scout run to keep the Pax together…Here’s how it went down.

Disclaimer was given cause we had a new guy! Route directions were given, then it was explained the first lap was an Indian Run and second lap was a Scout Run.

THE THANG Leave #thesandlot and take Church St to Cooper, Right on Cooper to Rosewood, Left and then Left on Main St, back to Church St. Church back to Cooper and do it again.  The thought was the 2 mile Indian Run would allow us to warm up for the sprinting of the Scout Run…we were burning rubber the first lap and the pax became a little winded, so on the second lap of Scout Run, we became 2 groups.  We all pushed hard though, and finished strong.

I needed the accountability and push.   Simple plan with hugh results!

Name o Rama, FNG – Marcus Smith became SOCOM, Prayer Requests…

Ugly Stick’s family in Wilmington (son of Floater), Half-Pipe’s wife in job search, Wimpie looking for new job, and the other PAX not mentioned that are affected by injuries, job loss, sick family members and our country!

Thanks to Shake and Bake for the opportunity to lead today!




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