We started the #WintervilleRunClub a couple months ago at The Sandlot because a few Pax close to the AO wanted to run (Grammar), Run Strong and The Summit were a little far to drive on Tuesday mornings every week, and really just to mix things up at The Sandlot. This put three running AOs on a Tuesday though.

Because of this, Nice Body proposed a December run AO convergence. Meeting at each of the AOs, one each week in December. The idea would be to get a feel for what each AO had to offer and allow PAX who had never visited one of these AOs to get that experience. First week of December would be @ The Sandlot, second week @ Run Strong, and then @ The Summit the week before Christmas. Boston Lager said he was down with the idea, YHC proposed we called the even The Grand tour, and the plan was set in motion.

YHC arrived to the AO about 5:10 to set the Shovel Flag and was the only one in sight. Noonan rolled up a few minutes later, then at 5:20 the flood gates opened and Pax began to roll in. At 5:29 Aquaman decided he wanted to make an announcement and give the disclaimer. YHC gave a few instructions, like grab your light if you have it – its gonna get dark, a general direction, to circle back and high five the six when you reach a stop sign, and when you get to Food Lion parking lot, alternate sprints between the light posts while waiting on the six to get in.

-The Thing

  • To start The Grand Tour off, YHC wanted to cover a little bit of everything. A little bit of country, a little off road, a little traffic dodging agility, a little bit of small town, and a little bit of Dixie Queen. YHC planned a ~4 mile route to take advantage of Winterville, starting with a Tour de Sandlot.
  • Sandlot tour – Past the shinny new playground equipment, around by the concession stand and between the back ball fields, around a portion of the walking trail, and exit out the Ange St entrance.
  • Ange to left on Laurie Ellis, left on Old Tar to the Food Lion.
  • When the six was in to the FL YHC called all to gather around. Slight audible was called due to the time needed to get back, to both the route and what we were about to do next.
  • Tortoise and the Hare – Alternate sprint and jog between the handicap parking signs to the end of the parking lot, 10x Merkins and 20x LBCs – we cant just run, what fun is that? Repeat back to start, then take off back to the run.
  • Main St to the Dixie Queen and return to TheSandlot. Modify route as needed to make it back on time.


  • Count and name-o-rama
  • Prayer Requests: Pied Piper and Jeff Stevens (liver), Slim Jim for breaking from his routine!, Hot Spot, Gammar’s M, Rafiki’s Grandmother, Rafiki praise (knee doing better), String Bean wants to pray for Aquaman and his life choices.
  • Announcements: Aquaman Movie, Lunch at Chicos today, Packing party in a week, The Grand Tour continues @ Run Strong next week, Fruity Pebbles @ The Good Fight this Thursday, Next Wednesday Hump Day Happy Hour at Tapped, see the website for more details.


Part 1 of The Grand Tour seemed to have gone well. The weather was nice and brisk and there seemed to have been a ton of great fellowship and mumble chatter with this group. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope you did to, except for those of you who fart sacked. As Aquaman says “Just WAKE UP!”


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