YHC had an idea to Q a run to Die Hard’s house, but he said it couldn’t be done. So, I decided to shorten up a little.

The Thang
We took off headed west on Sylvania, turned North on Church and followed it to Railroad.  The plan was to turn left on Boyd, but YHC got confused, so we went all the way down to Worthington. A left onto Parsons St. got us back to Boyd.  We crossed Hwy 11 as a group and continued west.  A couple of PAX made it to South Central.  One made it to Red Forbes Rd.  The rest of us turned around at the entrance to Creekside Elementary.  On the way back, we crossed Hwy 11 and then took a right onto Chapman, which put us out on Main St.  From there, we turned right onto Railroad, left on Sylvania, and right into the SandLot parking lot.

-Abu’s father
-Captain Obviou’s mother
-Jason from the Collard Patch
-Grout’s mom
-Die Hard’s new job
-kids and teachers finishing school

-Lunch today at Parkers
-Sign up for the Sasquatch
-Die Hard is taking applications for a new SandLot Site Q

YHC was pleasantly surprised to see Grout this morning.  He doesn’t post much at run-centric AOs, so I knew he was breaking out of his comfort zone.  You wouldn’t have known it by the way he ran though.  It was certainly an inspiration to YHC.  So…the moral of the story is: Try Something New!

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