When YHC agreed to Q The Sandlot this week about a month ago, I was not thinking about the fact that I would be coming off a BRR training trip to the mountains. However, as the weekend came to a close, I thought the rest day on Monday would be enough and I would be itching to run again by Tuesday. Boy was I wrong. I reckon Cousin IT and Rafiki had the same thoughts because to my surprise they both showed up. I have to admit, if I had not been Qing, I don’t think I would have made it.

Since my legs were sore I figured the only thing I was good for was an easy paced out and back. Nothing fancy, very little directions, no hills, and nothing speedy.


The Thang

Take a right onto Ainge, then a left onto Lauri Ellis, take Lauri Ellis to Old Tar (although in the directions I said County Home), run down Old Tar as far as you can and turn around after 22 minutes of running.



Ball of Man



YHC’s legs felt like cinderblocks as he drug he body down the road. Turns out Cousin IT and Rafiki felt the same. Cousin it opted for an active recovery after running 3 miles. Rafiki was surprised he broke a 10 minute pace. YHC could not resist the urge to run with the PAX in the front. So, I spent my time running with Floater and Shake and Bake. Those guys kept me moving this morning. Past Due opened up in the CoT this am. I will keep you in my prayers this am and thanks for being vulnerable, we all have periods of difficulty in our life and it helps to lean on each other. We love you man.

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