Little Mermaid needed some Q action for April and Mayhem needed some accountability. Hadn’t posted at The Schoolyard as much as I would like…….so OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! Had my beatdown written up about a week ago, so I have been ready. Told the PAX on Monday that I would be Q and we would START ON TIME…….and we did. Mayhem was even about 4 minutes early!

Warm Up

  • Good Mornings  x 10
  • Good Nights  x 10
  • SSH  x 12
  • Monkey Humpers x 10

The Thang

Follow me to the track at Aycock.  Got started with 4 laps around the track with 25 LBC’s after each lap. 1 mile down and 100 LBC’s down. Awesome way to start the day.

It seems like’s its been forever since I did a basic DORA 1-2-3…… we partnered up and ran some DORA with our running destination about 100 yards down the track and back. Partners would do:

  • 100  Alternating Jump Lunges
  • 200  Plank Jacks
  • 300  LBC’s

Plank O Rama for the six

Mosey (not jog) back to the side of the school. There had been a lot of mumblechatter about YHC needing to do my burpees for NCAA Tournament Pool contest. So I figured we would push hard the final 20 minutes to shut these guys up!

7’s going from walkway to the Wall of the school with Burpees and Wall Climbers as the exercises of choice.

Finished up at the shovel flag with 5 minutes of Mary

  • Windshield Wipers
  • Superman
  • Merkins 4 count
  • Flutter Kicks ’til 6:15 courtesy of Spinal Tap

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer Requests

Lil Mermaid co worker has non hodgekins lymphoma

Duff’s in law started cancer treatment

Easy Rider new medication

C12 Business Owners

PAX coming back from injuries

Marathon Ruckers this FRIDAY

Our Nation


Marathon Ruck going on Friday 6pm starting at AYCOCK

THURSDAY…..Chimichanga Good Fight……Silverback at Clydesdales……..WImpie at The Rush. No reason not to post!

Abu this FRIDAY at First Aid

THIS SUNDAY is Easter. meet at The Commons for workout 5:30-6:15……you can run/ruck/walk.  Followed by 4th Annual F3 Sunrise Service!  You don’t want to miss this! Bring your family!

Saturday April 27th Q vs Q at 116 features Noonan vs Mayhem! You don’t want to miss it.


Last week was a busy week for me and my family…..with lots of personal schedules, tax prep, and my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  Long story short, I hadn’t posted since 4/4.  Finally got back in the GLOOM on Monday 15th and then was Q today. I can always tell when I have a period of time off…….even a week.  Consistency is the key and that’s always easier said than done.  In the afternoons we have Rose JV Baseball, Chip’s soccer and now baseball, Tennis matches for myself and the M, and various church activities.  If it wasn’t for our family shared calendar I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going!  I am sure most of you are in the same boat.  This is why our mornings with each other are so sacred. This is THE only time that WE can gather as MEN and do something that is so important. Find ways to mention F3 in casual conversation. Share on Facebook and let people see what we are doing. Invite someone out and GIVE IT AWAY.


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