Good morning!!

Crazy numbers out this morning! 26, I love it! but to be honest when that many pax showed up i had to switch up my game plan. I had planned to do some work on some benches and some peoples chair but I don’t know the AO well enough to accommodate THAT many Pax. I was a little slow out of the gate trying to rework my WOD.


  • SSH X 30
  • IW X 25

Mosey over to the Track

The Thang

  • Partner up. First partner took off running while the second did 5 burpees and then sprinted-ish and caught up to their partner and switched. Pax played this devious game of tag for 2 laps. Repeated the exercise except swapped out burpees for 5 copperhead squats, 2 laps.
  • Pax lined up at one end of the futbol field. Pax bear crawled about 10 yards did 5 burpees, then lunged 10 yards, 5 burpees. Repeated the length of the field. Partner carried to midfield switched and other partner finished the carry. Rinsed and repeated, not my original plan but audibled due to the surprise mini-convergence.
  • To keep it simple, we finished with 2 laps of tag with copperhead squats.

Moseyed back to the flag.

  • Finished strong with 6 WW2s. 615


It’s always great to see so many good men out in the gloom. It’s humbling. Everyone’s on their own path but everyone got a little bit stronger today, got a little more grit. We all have situations in our lives we deal with but coming out to F3 tires the body and gives the mind room to think. well at least for YHC. The numbers were amazing and goes to show the hard work that Mermaid has been doing. Excellent job brother! Thanks for the opportunity to Q and for covering Mash when I have needed your help.

Everyone have a beautiful day, Panther outt

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