On Wednesdays YHC gets stoked because it is the day when the GLOOM starts at TheSchoolYard. YHC loves this site and I have been honored so far to be the site Q. I still look forward to the HIMS that come out to this Site. Ok, Time to get it poppin.

Haavaad and YHC showed up at 435 to hit up some EC. YHC messed with him a litle driving down the road. I saw him in front of me so I gave him some swerve juice. He said I thought you dropped or cell phone. LOL!!

Warm Up
1 Burpee for Newfie being a minute late
GM- 10
SSH- 20
Mountain Climbers-15

The Thang
Mosey to the circle road in the neighborhood to the right of the school. Hot Pursuit informed YHC that is was Azalea Dr. LOL. Thanks Hot Pursuit

Run the Circle at every mailbox on the right stop and do an exercise
Round one
10 Merkins each mailbox
Round Two
10 Squats each mailbox
Round Three
10 LBC each mailbox

It is here where YHC told Candy Cane man you are becoming a beast. He said just trying to hurry up and finish. YHC told him thats what his Wife probably Says. LOL!!!

Mosey to Branches across Red Banks

Parking Lot Workout
Exercise on the wall side, Middle, and other end of the parking lot
10 Reps each exercise, Then 9,8,7…….

Wall side Step ups
Lung to Middle
Lung to the other side

When you reached 5 reps run in between no more lunges

Find a spot on the low wall
Irkins- 20 Reps (2x)
Dips- 15 Reps (2x)

Mosey Back to the Flag

It was time for the Carolina CHOO CHOO!! 1 Time
When finished with the CHOO CHOO
Tunnel of Love 1 Time

Circle up- Mary
Candy Cane- Wind shield Wipers
Skynard- Flutter Kicks


King Pin- Radiation
SilverBack- Surgery/Recovery

Cooler Ruck Paramore Park Today May have refreshments
Rambo event tonight at 6 at King Pins house
Sign up for Sasquatch
Bring water and Gatorade to sites for Sasquatch


YHC loves taking on the GLOOM with his fellow brothas. This morning was a great showing and fun time. YHC loves seeing all the new faces that have been popping up at his site as well as all the others. Keep up the good work. EH seems to be going well. Stay strong. YHC also is looking forward to some of the new PAX to take on TheSchoolYard and have their VQ this coming month at TheSchoolYard. Good Work men. As always!!!

Mermaid swims off into the sunset.

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