9 studs posted at The School Yard. Thus begins the campaign to make the Dirty McDeuce the champion of 2019 or at least trample the dreaded Good Morning. 

Warm Up – Included various exercise like: SSH, Squats, Merkins, Butt Kickerd, High Knees. It certainly didn’t include the dreaded Good Morning. That is a worthless warm up the way it’s done in ENC. Thus starts the anti-Good Morning Campaign of 2019. Instead you should vote McDeuce for 2019. 

Dirty McDeuce – The Dirty McDeuce is not when Wimpie stops twice on a Commons Run to drop a deuce in a smelly port-a-john. It is made up of 4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. After each set of three exercises, you run a lap of a track or whatever else is handy (parking lot, etc.) 

  • 1st Stop – Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks
  • 2nd Stop- Carolina Dry Docks; Mule Kicks, Freddy Mercurys
  • 3rd Stop – Wide Arm Merkins, Jump Squats, “Oh Yeah!! IC.
  • 4th Stop – Merkins IC, Squats IC, Flutter Kicks IC

The 10-Yard Merkin Challenge – Next we took a simple concept and made it into a stupid challenge. Starting at the end line and do 5 Merkins at each Soccer line. Repeat that pattern until you are in the other end line. 

Real Lt Dans – Charlie Brown used to have a reputation of doing a wicked Lt Dan set at BLP. YHC won’t spoil it but know it’s wicked. Since Lt Dans is a fairly simple exercise YHC figured the pax could do that back to the original end line. 

The Old APFT Sit-up – At BLP on Saturday the National Guard was doing their much more complex Army Physical Fitness Test. Abu noticed the new form of the sit up which is the WWI sit-up with arms extended. It’s not part of the new Army Combat Fitness Test but we needed an ab exercise. Since we had a pattern going we did those at every soccer line to the other end line. 

The 10-Yard Squat Challenge – This crap is starting to sound familiar. Starting at the end line run to each soccer line and do 5 Squats. Repeat that pattern until you are in the other end zone. 

We finished with one lap and YHCs favorite exercise, Have a Nice Day. That’s an exercise well earned. 

BOM/COT – Prayers for pax. 

Announcements – Go to Lunch with the boys. Pay attention to who has the Q on the schedule. 

Moleskin – Today was a simple day based on a few exercises done in a repeated fashion. Sometimes something stupid makes life fun. YHC doubts that the Just Say No to Good Morning campaign will gain much traction, but if REAL men hear about it then it has a chance. 

Instead of doing worthless Good Mornings at the beginning of a workout, let the pax enjoy a Have a Nice day the last 30 seconds to lay back and look at the stars after earning it. 

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