I will have to apologize in advance as this BB is way overdue. YHC has not made it a priority to get it done but it is finally here as a record that it was completed and 17 HIMs got a whole lot better.

Warm up

Completed a 10 count of chest stretches, overhead arm pulls for both arms.

25 side straddle hops

25 American Hammers

The Thang:

15 Deconstructed Burpees, 15x Squats in decreasing count, 15 x Leg Thrusts, 15 x Merkins, 15 x Leg Thrusts. then 14, 13, all the way to 1.

Mosey’d to the track to do the Quarter Horses.

Start at one end of the track with 10 Regular Merkins, run to the quarter mark do 15 Merkins, run to the halfway mark do 20 Merkins, run to the three quarter mark and do 25 Merkins, run back to the start point. That’s one round, the next round was to do the same but with Diamond Merkins, the third round was with Wide Arm Merkins. The final piece is just a lap around the track OYO. That completes the Quarter Horse Mile!

We mosey’d back to the wall to close out the event with the infamous Chicken Chasers (Australian BTTW), followed immediately with little circles to the front and overhead clap.

This completed the second Push the World session.

Prayers: For Glow Worms sister, Praise for Pied Piper for coming back out!

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