There is nothing better than seeing a good head count of PAX members show up in the gloom to become better men. I jumped to the gun when Ma Bell asked me to Q this morning. It was a great time. Lets get into it.

440 EC Ruck- Chimichanga, Patch, and Myself

Warm Up
15- SSH
15- GM
10- Mountain Climbers

The Thang

Run to the Neighborhood the the right of the school.

Mailbox Merkin Circle
Run the circle in that neighborhood and at each mailbox do 10 Merkins
Repeat again with Squats 10 each mailbox

follow me across the street to the old music school

11s in front yard.
Step up

Partner up- One partner does the exercise other runs to the other side of the building
100 Lunges
100 reverse LBC

Lean against the low wall
15- Irkins

Follow me back to the parklot at the school
Long parking lot a entrance middle and exist

10-Merkins at the exist
10- Diamond Merkins at the middle
10- Wide arm Merkins at the entrance

Mosey over to the Bench
10- Front Elevated Lunges each Leg

Mosey to the wall
Hold Peoples Chair 10 count from each PAX

Back to the flag Merry
Patch called Jlos
Chimi called Flutter kicks



Praise- Patch’s Daughter owned her interview like a boss by telling the person that she defines success by “getting up off the mat one last time after you have fallen”. She made Patch proud. We should all take notes sometimes from our 2.0s because they are part of the reason we do what we do and they learn a lot from our leadership. Congrats Patch you are raising the youth right.

7:00am Convergence on Saturday (be prepared to get soggy)
6:00am EC run/Ruck Breakfast will follow
5:00am Saturday Feb. 23rd 13.1 mile ruck Starts in tucker (across from EB Aycock) breakfast at Bambinos after
Grammar has the Q Tomorrow at Clydesdale’s
Vanilla has the Q tomorrow at the Good Fight

F3 has made a great impact on my life. The PAX dont even have to say anything to me personally but just seeing the twitter feed and pics it motivates me to get up and make s**t happen.
It is awesome to see PAX members grow and become more fit in the process. MumbleChatter makes these workouts even better. Hearing about positive things that are going on in PAX lives is a praise. I am super proud of where F3 is heading and look forward to many more mornings beating the FARTSACK together.

Til next Time
Lil Mermaid

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