15 PAX met at the Construction Zone in the gloom. This was a chance to build some exercises and build ourselves into better men. Marker from F3Mustangs was in town for his daughter’s graduation from ECU and came out to join us. He was very impressed by Largemouth’s sleeveless shirt and the early “gun show”.


13 Good Mornings

13 Hillbillies

Bat wings x 20 (Incorrectly called Bay City Rollers by the Q)

The Thang:

Mosey to the courthouse. Deuce loves to do deconstructed burpees, but today we constructed burpees. At the first corner we did 20 squats. Bear crawl to next corner of courthouse. 20 squats and 20 kickouts. Zombie walk to next corner and do 20 squats, 20 kickouts and 20 merkins. Crabwalk to last corner and did 20 squats, 20 kickouts ,20 merkins and 20 jump squats. To celebrate our newly constructed burpees, we ran up the courthouse steps and did 5 burpees.

Next we moseyed back to the AO. Next build was a good poker hand. Technically a blackjack hand. Start with 1 merkin, run from bathroom end of AO to tree and did 20 LBCs. Run back, do 2 merkins, back to tree and do 19 LBCs. Continue trend always doing a total of 21. Ran out of time with no one getting all done but some PAX got close. Later the next day when my arms were sore I counted and had we completed all the merkins, it would have been 233 not counting the 5 burpees. Proud of these men!

COT- Countarama, Namarama, closing prayer.


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