Twenty-one men met in the gloom this morning.  Disclaimer was given.  Started with some Good Mornings, Butt Kickers, Windmills, and Hallelujahs for warm-up.  Then a quick mosey to the beginning of the boardwalk to get started.  First thing was thirty calf raises, then five squats at every light pole up to the gazebo dock, with high knees in between.  Spread around the dock we knocked out fifty dips before counting down the boardwalk.  We kept the five squats at every light pole and did toy soldiers in between up to the flag post around the middle of the parkway.  Thirty more calf raises before continuing further down.  Still five squats at every light pole, this time going for a mosey in between.  At the end of the boardwalk, we knocked out fifty merkins.  Then, I threw in another thirty calf raises to rest the arms.  We went around the retaining wall to the benches and completed another fifty dips.  After that was complete, we began a mosey east down Main St.  We stopped at the intersection of Respess St. to tackle thirty Imperial Walkers.  Then another quick mosey to Lover’s Alley, where we held People’s Chair until every PAX had counted down and back.  Then the obligatory Balls to the Wall until the PAX counted down.  Then we took a mosey back to the flag.  Once we were all back, we all burned in the Ring of Fire with merkns and then six inches.  Then we rounded it out with twenty bicycle kicks and twenty Peter Parkers.  Finished with ten burpees.  Great work guys!

FNG named Daisy Duke, some relation to Cooter, I believe.

Announcement made about upcoming Anniversary Convergence on August 25.  Looking for donations of water/Gatorade, and coffee for afterwards.  See Gaylord.

Largemouth led us in a wonderful prayer.

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