Well to begin the day there was some confusion as to who the Q was going to be, so at the last second Largemouth and YHC Enron stepped up to co Q. So we circled the PAX up and it was almost like Largemouth and I had the same plan in our head that we were going to put the guys through some of the things we learned while doing the Three Headed Hound. We circled up for the disclaimer and to welcomed young Bulkhead’s 2.0 to the group. We started with some SSH, merkins, iron crosses, and good mornings.  After that it was time for a mosey over to the new coffee shop on the waterfront Sweet Things. There we utilized the downward slope by the walkway to perform some declined sit ups. 15 there then a mosey to the middle island down the street where 10 suitcase sits were done, rinse and repeat. From there we kept the PAX moving with a mosey to the Red Man Lodge were the mumble chatter quickly ceased when they were told they had to do bearpees.  Four bear crawl strides out followed by one burpee, 5 times, rinsed and repeated twice. Just because it was so good we had to do it again this time adding in an extra burpee.  Time was running short so Largemouth and I decided to not go to our next stop and decided to make our way back to the shovel flags where we had some coupons waiting. But Largemouth couldn’t let the guys make there way back without a little fun in between so he yelled out 10 plank jacks at every stop sign between the Red Man Lodge and Festival Park.  So now that we had made our way back home it was coupon time. We lined the men up as we did at Ruck Ready in two lines to perform the sand bag toss down one side of the park and a backward toss on the way back. Then to make it fun we made the men drag the bag between their legs, centapide style. To finish off the day we made our way over to Gaylord’s ledge where we did AMRAPs of pull ups to close out the day. Countaroma then nameorama and many prayer requests were made. Also we gave a name to Bulkheads 2.0 who is a great little baseball player so in honor of Charlie Sheens character in Major League he had to be named Wildthing. With little to no preparation I would say today was a huge success. Thanks to the HIMs for allowing Largemouth and I to co Q today it was a blast. Until next time….Enron out

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