Despite a cold rain, 7 PAX ventured out for a “Plan B” workout.


– SSHs IC x 25

– Good Mornings IC x 10

– Sun Gods IC x 10

– Bearpees x 10

The Thang

Moseyed from gazebo to the deck above Gaylord’s Ledge and partnered up.  Partner 1 remained on the top deck performing sit-ups while Partner 2 went to Gaylord’s Ledge for 5 pull-ups.  When Partner 2 returned to the top deck, he began sit-ups while Partner 1 went down below for his 5 pull-ups.  This rotation continued with each PAX performing the following at Gaylord’s Ledge:

– 10 toe touches

– 15 derkins

– 20 merkins

–  25 irkins.

Whichever partner was on the deck continued with sit-ups while waiting on his partner to return.  (Q lost count of how many sit-ups were actually performed during this, but the conversations dwindled).

Remaining partnered up PAX went to picnic table on the deck.  Partner 1 did dips while Partner 2 did squats.  Partners totaled 100 dips + 100 squats.  As a group, PAX did 25 Hallelujahs before leaving the area.

PAX gathered at rail for 15 Wheezie Jefferson’s and 15 Protractors (5, 30, 45, & 90 degrees).  Rinse and repeated.  Towards end of second set of Wheezy Jeffersons, 1 PAX stated he thought Wheezies were done with legs apart, so 15 more ensued with legs apart.  This round of Protractors became very drawn out with large pauses at each angle to really work the core.

Moseyed back to gazebo.  Rain had momentarily lessened, so PAX ran up and down the steps as fast as they could for 1 minute to make sure the legs got some attention.

PAX circled up and were told to line up across from the partner they had previously been with.  Q turned the workout over to the PAX.  We went around the circle with Partner 1 calling a number and Partner 2 selecting the exercise.  Q didn’t record the number of each, but it consisted of a lot of box cutters, imperial walkers, bearpees, and mountain climbers.

PAX completed the workout with 10 Hydraulic Squats.


Praise for continued good news for Flo’s daughter, Prayers for those impacted by the California wildfires.





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